Sunday, November 7, 2010


By popular demand, this is take 2 on my food blog. I started a food blog on a different blogging site last spring in an attempt to spread a love of food to others. Given my busy schedule, it was a somewhat failed attempt. While viewers loved the fact that I was sharing recipes, I frequently didn't have time to sit down and write a long spiel about my experience while making the recipes. I want you all to know, I feel VERY strongly about several things that are at the root of this blog. First, I wish all people (children, adults, moms, dads, sons, daughters, students, EVERYONE) should have not only food on the table but GOOD food. Good tasting! Good nutritionally! More than that, I believe that the family table needs to return with a vengeance. While I know this makes me a HUGE hypocrite given the fact that I rarely sit down with my family as a whole, it doesn't change the fact that I believe, in an ideal world, that this should happen in every home in every country in every corner of the world! This blog is an attempt to help facilitate that concept when possible. If the reason why you don't sit down with your family is because you have a fear of cooking.... here are recipes to help you get started. I hope you, the reader, will enjoy the recipes and enjoy making them. Cooking for me is a way to be closer to family. To feel the warmth in my heart of being able use my hands to create nourishment for my family. To be able to spend time with my family partaking of the final product. I also look forward to the day when I can pass that along to my children and spend time with the in the kitchen.

That being said, use these recipes, share these recipes, comment on these recipes, post some of your own. However you use this site for your own good, I will take pleasure in knowing that I got to be a part of that good!!

As I said earlier, I am a busy woman. There are several things that caused my previous blog to fail. First, I wasn't completely sold on the look of my previous blog and there was portions of that I couldn't change. I'm hoping to visually be happier with this blog. More importantly though, the biggest reason why I think I failed was putting too much pressure on myself and my busy schedule. So, don't expect a blog every day, or maybe even every week. Also, when I do blog, I'm not going to put any pressure on myself to write a 2000 word essay. The most important thing to me is sharing those recipes and, while I would love to also share my experiences with you to help encourage you to make your own memories, if all I have time for is to type up the recipes, add a few pictures, and go... then that's what I may do!

Just to get you all intrigued about what's time come... Some recipes I've made in the last couple weeks that I hope to make their way to the blog are Impossibly Easy Taco Pie, German-Style Pot Roast (for the slow cooker), Country Chicken and Pasta Bake, and many many more.... Hope to see you back here soon!